Formerly a U.S. Post Office facility, now a model of sustainable re-use, The Reserve is a place where people and companies can thrive. A unique 20-acre site at the edge of a restored wetlands and wildlife preserve, the site is just a short bike ride to the beach. The Reserve is a life and work enhancing environment away from urban congestion, offering all the right amenities in a high-performance office space designed to support creativity and balance for today’s innovators.


Selected photographs from Oe-Ueda Photography

Front Entrance Front Entrance Back Entrance Central Park Central Park Courtyard Courtyard Courtyard Mural Einstein Mural Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby


Flythrough videos of The Reserve


The Reserve has won various awards of recognition since its opening.

The Reserve wins 2014 Best Office Project Award from the Los Angeles Business Journal 2014 Commercial Real Estate Awards. L.A. Business Journal 2014 Commercial Real Estate Award for Best Office Project 2014 Advertisement


The Reserve wins an honorable mention in Architect's Newspaper Best Landscape of 2013.
Images from Steve Lecapp.

"Katherine Spitz Associates redesign of the owner’s proposed parking scheme wrested more than an acre of green space from the concrete surface of the industrial site, while adding 180 parking spaces. The resulting open landscape creates a vista that stretches from the landscape’s constructed wetlands to the Santa Monica Mountains on the horizon."

Central Park at Dusk Courtyard Central Park extending back to the edge of the property Lawn area adjacent to the parking lot Central Park habitat